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Altitude Helicopters

20 january 2018

Hey Mr. Coyote, are you done with the helipad? We've been cleared to use it a while ago...you know...our student is so eager to do some hover-work. Thaaank you!!😂👍 Read more

12 january 2018

Returning to base after some mountain training...#altitudehelicopters Read more

06 january 2018

Sorry Florida lovers but here we have real sunshine not just on road signs!! :-) Read more

05 january 2018

Congratulations to Tamara Lunger who just passed her conversion EASA Checkride. After completing his training here and getting her FAA License, she went back to Italy and made the conversion. Easy, Fast and Cheap!! Well done and a good example for all people saying it is difficult and expensive to convert FAA to EASA...😂 #altitudehelicopters Read more

02 january 2018

We love snow...and it is always a pleasure do a little cross country flight to get it, especially on New Year's Day!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! #altitudehelicopters Read more

30 december 2017

December through April is the best time to have a encounter with the amazing Grey Whales...yesterday we met her! #altitudhelicopters Read more

27 december 2017

Ready for some frost control! #altitudehelicopters Read more

21 december 2017

Another first solo, another ice cold 'shower'...this time we congratulate Max!! #altitudehelicopters Read more

18 december 2017

Not too bad for a small R22! Mountain training #altitudhelicopters Read more

12 december 2017

Flying over the clouds on the way back to KSDM #altitudehelicopters Read more

06 december 2017

Dive the sky and follow your dreams #altitudehelicopters Read more

02 december 2017

Always standard training or some 'real world scenario' training? You know the answer... #altitudehelicopters Read more

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