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Altitude Helicopters

14 march 2018

PART 2 of: And the Presidential 'flight of 5' taking off from KSDM after the vist... Video taken by Michael Ocampo #altitudehelicopters Read more

14 march 2018

And the Presidential 'flight of 5' taking off from KSDM after the vist... PART 1 Viedo taken by Michael Ocampo #altitudehelicopters Read more

10 march 2018

...Not a bad way to call it a day #altitudehelicopters Read more

23 february 2018

First solo celebration!! Well done Joseph , we are proud of you! #altitudehelicopters Read more

18 february 2018

What a magic is to ride in a winter Californian dusk... #altitudehelicopters Read more

16 february 2018

Celebrating clouds and some rain drops...it happens a couple of days a year, so it's a big event!! #altitudehelicopters Read more

11 february 2018

California is not only beaches, surf and sun...we also have deserts, hills and mountains to play with. #altitudehelicopters Read more

07 february 2018

Winter in San Diego...America's Finest City #altitudehelicopters Read more

03 february 2018

When Frank is speaking you could hear a pin drop in the classroom!! #altitudehelicopters Read more

30 january 2018

Let’s confess it...blimps are freaking awesome!! #altitudehelicopters Read more

27 january 2018

On a cloudish day Irina Georgieva made a great Birthday Surprise for his Boyfriend, and we are so happy we were part of it... Thanks and hope to have you soon again up in the air!! #altitudehelicopters Read more

20 january 2018

Hey Mr. Coyote, are you done with the helipad? We've been cleared to use it a while ago...you know...our student is so eager to do some hover-work. Thaaank you!!πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ Read more

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