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Altitude Helicopters

24 september 2017

No, it's not an airshow...it's just another regular day at our airport! #altitudehelicopters #ksdm Read more

15 september 2017

Early morning flight has always a bright sight... Read more

11 september 2017

A visit of two special friends...Michela and BenDJ!! Let's Rock&Roll...Ben dj Read more

11 september 2017

09 september 2017

The one and only Sabrina Filzmoser, 3 times Olympic Austrian Judoka with outstanding records (go check!) with our CEO before taking off for a nice flight in the unusual 'cloudy' San Diego! Thanks Sabrina Filzmoser Read more

05 september 2017

Another great day for Altitude Family!!! Read more

29 august 2017

Returning at night after a long cross country night flight...Good night fleet! #altitudehelicopters Read more

25 august 2017

Another step...congrats to all Altitude Family!! Read more

24 august 2017

Our friend, pilot and CFI Antoine (yes...we also have planes in our AH family...) decided to go for a flight during total eclipse. He flew from San Diego to Idaho Falls just for that. This is a bite of what he experienced...it was definitely worth it. Simply Amazing!! #altitudehelicopters Read more

19 august 2017

Happy National Aviation Day! To celebrate we took our new employee Lisa for her very first Helicopter adventure!!! Can you see the excitement in her face? How was your first Helicopter ride? Share your picture below, we want to see you! Read more

15 august 2017

The A-Team (or more realistically the AH-Team) on a visit to the SDPD, with Chief Zimmerman #altitudehelicopters Read more

12 august 2017

Let's flight away...in our professional simulator!! #altitudehelicopters Read more

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