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Altitude Helicopters

16 november 2017

Our CEO has been selected as one of San Diego's most inspiring stories... wow...Thanks SD Voyager and cheers to Marcello! All AH team is very proud of you! #altitudehelicopters Read more

10 november 2017

Happy Veteran's week end! #altitudehelicopters Read more

02 november 2017

Landing at L35, 6.752 feet #altitudehelicopters #R22 Read more

30 october 2017

The Coronado Bridge flying over the San Diego bay! America’s Finest City... #altitudehelicopters Read more

25 october 2017

Welcome back Tamara Lunger! Read more

22 october 2017

We like having fun, we like celebrate, we like living our pilot life at fullest!!! So, even in an unusual SD cloudy day, celebrating Julie’s first solo is a great occasion to show it!! P.s.: Sushi looks like more worried than excited for Julie 😂 #altitudehelicopters Read more

16 october 2017

Transitioning LAX... #altitudehelicopters Read more

12 october 2017

Sushi is taking the ‘Board Meeting’ more seriously than the ceo!! #altitudehelicopters Read more

09 october 2017

We never get bored of having sunny and blue skies all year round ... #altitudehelicopters Read more

02 october 2017

Fire on the bay... #altitudehelicopters Read more

29 september 2017

DTLA on a cross country flight! #altitudehelicopters Read more

24 september 2017

No, it's not an airshow...it's just another regular day at our airport! #altitudehelicopters #ksdm Read more

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