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Introductory Flight

Have you ever wondered what it is like to fly a helicopter? Are you not sure if it is something you would want to pursue or even like? If so, come try an Introductory flight! Our introductory, or discovery flights, are a great way to get your first taste of what it is like to fly a helicopter.

Ready To Fly

During our Introductory Flights our Certified Flight Instructors will give you a 30-minute flight briefing on the controls of the helicopter, what to do, what not to do, and general safety procedures.

After that, you and the CFI will go out to the helicopter, do a preflight inspection, and jump in for your first flight. Our instructor will handle the radio calls and takeoff but then you will get the opportunity to take the controls and fly out to the coast, the San Diego Bay, and along the Mexican Border back to Brown Field.

  • The flight will take place in our Robinson R22 helicopter.
  • First we have a 30 minute briefing.
  • Then we take to the sky for a 30 minute flight.
  • Lastly we complete our Flight Logbook.

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Let is know what you are interested in, we are excited to fly with you!

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