Helicopter is the most Versatile, Reliable, Flexible, Cost-effective, …and Fun Producing Equipment ever invented! Ways and variety of uses are really great and we are happy to contributing in exploring it

Altitude Helicopters


There are tons of ideas and needs, a lot of issues and specific jobs for which helicopter is the best solution. Our helicopters and experienced pilots are here for you.


Where pilot can really make a the difference

Aerial Photography is a great tool for marketing, news and media production; sometimes is the only option or simply the best way to get an event reports or just great memories from a different perspective.


Accuracy, Reliability, Professionalism

Sometime you need to be on board of a helicopter to perform inspections, surveying and close checking to structures like power lines, pipelines, dams, construction sites… Often in mountainous or remote areas you just can’t get there but in a helicopter


For people looking for new, real, thrilling Fun

Compared to ‘normal’ parachute activities from an airplane, jumping from a helicopter is a complete different and thrilling experience. Greater amazement, more excitement and much more fun.


Because your event it is really special

We are also specialized in assisting charity or club events in using our helicopters to make it easier, faster, better and with a taste of… wow.


Readiness, efficiency, on time trustworthy service

Using a helicopter can make the difference between a fruitful harvest and a year to forget. Be ready 24 hours to take off and save the crop is our only Goal.